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Hi, I'm Nate Lacroix, a filmmaker and photographer from Midland, Ontario. 

As graduate of the Media Arts program at Sheridan College in 2001, I have worked as a creative professional for over twenty years, developing a number of artistic skills in a number of creative industries including graphic design, web design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, video production and photography. 

In recent years I have been focusing my energy on my true passions, filmmaking and photography. Notable projects include; a feature-length documentary titled "Start Local" about the effects of a nurturing local community can have on a community; "Haunted Huronia," a 9-episode television series that explores supposed haunted sites within the communities of the Huronia region; and "Spoons," a short film about a man with dementia that was shown at the Director's Guild of America in Hollywood. 

I am always looking for new creative projects to dip my toes into. If you would like to discuss your creative project with me I would love to hear from you. Please use this convenient contact form to make first contact. 

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